The costs of participating at the 25. ISDM will be 50€.
If you give a speech, the costs will be lowered by 15€. More information about the speeches 
If you create a poster, the costs will be lowered by 5€. 
If you don't need an accomodation, the costs will be lowered by 10€.
All three cases can be combined.

The fieldtrips will be published soon on our website. With the account created here, you can login at our website and enlist for the fieldtrips.

There are still 115 tickets avaiable.

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Terms and conditions of participation:

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The International Students Day of Metallurgy (ISDM) is primarily directed at students from the fields of metallurgy, material science and engineering, process engineering, machine engineering as well as other related scientific fields. The spots for participants are limited. The confirmation of participation in the ISDM will be accomplished with the confirmation of the receipt of payment via E-Mail. Registration on the website alone does not suffice.

  1. The attendance fee is 50 EUR and must be paid in advance. A refund is not possible, if the participation does not occur through the participant’s own fault. When giving a presentation, the attendance fee is lowered around 15 EUR (from 50 to 35 EUR in total).
    When creating a poster, the attendance fee is lowered around 5 EUR (from 50 to 45 in total).
    When no accomodation is needed, the fee is lowered around 10 EUR (from 50 to 40 EUR in total). 
    You can combine all 3 lowering cases.
    Should the presentation not take place through the participants own fault, the participant is obligated to issue the payment of 15 EUR subsequently. 
    Should the poster n ot arrive in time through the participants own fault, the participant is obliged to issue the payment of 5 EUR subsequently.
    If the participant does not wish an accomodation, there will no accomodation be provided in no case.
    The payment is to be made by bank transfer to the account given in the confirmation E-Mail.
    There is no legal right of a refund in no case.
  2. The event organizer reserves the right to limit the number of participants per university.
  3. The participant agrees that name, course of studies and university of the participant of the ISDM 2018 in Freiberg can be published in electronic and printed form.
    Furthermore the participant agrees with the recording of images and sound of themselves over the course of the event.
    Furthermore, the participant agrees, that the data he prompted will be saved and processed in context of the ISDM 2018 and the connected service, which is offered with the help of the website
  4. The participant agrees, that his prompted data will be used to create and activate an Account on the website , which allows the user, to login on with this account and use the there offered services.
    The notification about the creation and activation of the accounts will be delivered via e-mail. 
    The account can, after its creation, be deleted by the user everytime.
  5. There is no legal entitlement for participation in the ISDM 2018.
I've read the conditions of participation and agree with them.*